Turn Data
   Into Action

Accessible Intelligence is on the cutting edge of the data science transforming digital engagement for non-profits. The personalized marketing streams generated by our technology are built around specific use cases at the heart of non-profit online strategy. For example, converting a single donor to become a monthly donor helps non-profits to increase donor retention and income.

We find patterns in behaviour, based on training models, that predict the best approach to convince a supporter to take an action. We know what message content should be sent to each supporter. We know how many messages to send over a specific interval.  And we automate the process.

Our team has been working on the development of our products for almost two years. Categorizing the content of tens of thousands of emails, setting up the network infrastructure, doing analytics to inform the data science, writing the applications and algorithms, and working to ensure that the implementation marketing streams is easy and seamless.

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