Waiting on AI: The Astonishing Gains of our Second-Gen Models

Our second-generation models launched in June of 2022. Apart from a sense of satisfaction that we had done some pioneering work, I was a bit annoyed. We would have to wait 10 months for ‘real world’ outcomes. Why? Our new models deliver timed emails in short bursts over a year to the same supporter.

Was it worth the wait? Oh yeah. When evaluating the performance data two months ago, I was pleasantly shocked at what the technology had delivered.

The pilot clients represented a range of non-profits in size and program type. Mercy Home for Boys & Girls provides a home and support for young people, Amnesty Canada advocates for human rights around the world, and Rainforest Action Network works to protect a critical ecosystem for the planet. The number of supporters that received the AI-defined content ranged from 2,000 records for one client to over 40,000 records for the largest.

For all three pilot clients, the outcomes showed significant gains for the emails with content defined by our Machine Learning models (the comparator was email sent to the same supporters created by the non-profit without any AI involvement). AI improved the use case conversion rate between from 246% for one client, to a staggering 4,583% for the top performer. These models continue to run and the results keep improving as more supporters receive the AI-defined content.

My personal lesson learned: patience is a virtue.

Please visit our resources section to read each case study in detail. 

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