Can ChatGPT write non-profit email copy?

Let me immediately re-phrase the question: ‘Can ChatGPT, on its own, write email content that you would have written’? The answer to this question is unequivocally ‘no’.

Let me re-phrase the question again: Can any LLM (large language model) write email content that you would have written if the LLM also learned from your own email content library? The answer to this question is ‘yes’.

Chat GPT ignited a broad public appreciation (shock?) around the potential of large language models, and AI in the broadest sense, to transform basic economic models. Why? ChatGPT became an accessible tool that anyone could use to test the ability of AI to write academic essays, marketing copy, legal agreements, essays and poetry, and everything in between. 

ChatGPT produced some remarkable results, and everyone took notice. It is a tangible representation of the power of Machine Learning to disrupt everything we know.

Let me start again. Can ChatGPT write your non-profit’s email copy? What is the acid test to evaluate whether the copy generated by ChatGPT approximates the copy you would have written? Does your non-profit have a literal voice that is reflected in the way that you write?

LLMs learn from enormous amounts of data to formulate the content you ask them to produce. Any LLM will generate content based on the instructions you give it (prompts). But if you ask an LLM to write an email on a specific topic, with a certain number of words, with a specific purpose, does it really know how you would write that email to your supporters? No.

What if your instruction to the LLM included examples of emails, along with descriptive metadata, to help it produce content that reflects your organization’s voice? Game-changing. 

Our team at Accessible Intelligence is working to combine the understanding we record of each client’s writing voice, with the power of large language models to produce powerful AI-generated marketing content. 

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