Case Study: Amnesty International Canada’s Activist-to-Donor Transformation

In a groundbreaking collaboration with Accessible Intelligence, Amnesty Canada embarked on a mission to convert their non-donor activists into dedicated donors. From October 2022 to June 2023, AI-powered emails, designed based on data and advanced machine learning models, were dispatched to supporters. The outcome was remarkable: these AI-driven emails yielded a conversion rate 245% higher than Amnesty’s traditional marketing emails. Accessible Intelligence’s technology isn’t just about smart emailing; it’s a meticulously designed process where algorithms cluster supporters, understanding their habits from transaction data and the content they receive, and then crafting the perfect message for maximum engagement. The results from Amnesty Canada’s collaboration with Accessible Intelligence are undeniable, showcasing the undeniable potential of AI in transforming non-profit marketing outcomes. For more detailed insights, benchmarks, and data-driven discussions, dive into the full study or reach out directly to Accessible Intelligence

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