Accessible Intelligence is the second company founded by Graham Covington, a successful software entrepreneur. The mission of Accessible Intelligence is to deliver exceptional machine learning services to the non-profit world. 

Our purpose is to help non-profits deliver on their mission.

Graham Covington

Founder & CEO

Graham is a software entrepreneur and outdoor adventurist. Engaging Networks is the first software company he launched in September 2000. Today this company is a global market leader providing non-profits with digital tools to engage their supporters. Graham created Accessible Intelligence in 2017 to bring the power of machine learning to the non-profit world.  He recently joined two mountaineering expeditions to Nepal and loves to dream up outdoor challenges. https://whereisgraham.life

Gordon Walsh

Chief Data Scientist

Gordon leads our data science team and looks after the machine learning platform and cloud computing infrastructure. He came on board to lead the Ac cessible Intelligence program, leaving a Teaching Fellowship in statistics at University College London where he was also pursuing a PhD in computational biochemistry. Gordon’s experience with computational modelling, machine learning, and Python are central to his role at Accessible Intelligence.

Duane Raymond

Operations Manager

For three decades, Duane has been working with non-profits to help them leverage technology for greater impact. He understands the digital challenges facing non-profits and the issues they work to solve. Duane has used this expertise to coordinate the work of our team, and contribute to the development of the content classification system essential for increasing the accuracy of the Accessible Intelligence algorithms.

Melis McNevin

Head of Content Classification

Melis has five years of media planning experience in agencies such as Publicis Groupe-Starcom Mediavest and Carat Media. Her interest in social and environmental issues has led her to work on WWF’s Earth Hour campaign in Turkey, and the Global Call for Climate Action’s Unmask My City air pollution and health project. She lives in Berlin, and speaks Turkish, English and French.
Luke Elliott

Luke Elliott

Data Scientist

Luke’s first response to writing a draft for his bio was to say ‘I’m not much of a bragger’. This is one of the things we love about him. With the skepticism of an academic background in social science, combined with an obsession for challenging himself, Luke jumpstarted his data science career with an online bootcamp. He’s come a long way since then. Leveraging his experience with Python and predictive analytics, Luke joined the team in 2019 and dove right into working through the data that drives our second use case: converting ‘non-donor activists’ to ‘donors’. It’s rare to find a data scientist at the climbing gym, but that is where you will find Luke. He also listed ’studying statistics’ as something he does with his spare time. Yep, he’s a data scientist alright.


Joseph Lee-Dowd

Content Classification

Joe joined Accessible Intelligence in 2019 after five years working on national and local nonprofit campaigns in the UK. Much of his work focussed on creating email content strategies and mapping supporter journeys. This experience was a perfect fit for our content classification team. Joe works from Berlin which he loves, but he also admits it has become a little harder to share his passion for cricket! Joe’s passion for helping great causes adds a lot of energy to the team.

Joanne Warner

Joanne Warner

Global Development Director

Joanne started her nonprofit career at Cancer Research UK and helped the charity to maximise the use of online giving products to raise over £200 million. From this flying start, Joanne established the Fundraising Strategy & Resources team at Diabetes UK, and more recently, worked at Asthma UK where she led the development of new digital products and income streams. There are a lot of reasons to like Joanne, not least of which is her incredible enthusiasm for new things. She is the perfect person to talk about the work we are doing, transforming nonprofit marketing through artificial intelligence. Fortunately she has other outlets for her energy including teaching yoga, cycling and kayaking. Phew.

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