we Deliver

We deliver an intelligent end-to-end solution to automate marketing to your supporters to achieve specific goals (e.g. converting donors from one time give to monthly giving.)

These are the components of our work we do for you:


We classify your email and landing page content

Import Data

We help you to import transactional and constituent data

Data Clusters

Our data models group your supporters into clusters

Marketing Streams

Our data models generate marketing streams for each use case

Content Libraries

We store your email content in libraries (used to populate the marketing streams)

Automated Marketing

We automate sending of the marketing streams


We deliver extensive reporting to measure outcomes against benchmark data

Accessible Intelligence works with a sister company called Engaging Networks to deliver the messages the algorithms have identified are needed for the marketing streams for each supporter, for each use case. Engaging Networks has a suite of marketing automation tools connected to content libraries that are unparalleled in their ease of use and sophistication. You can build email content and landing pages, and view reporting data, using this remarkable platform.

The integration between the data science of Accessible Intelligence and the digital engagement tools of Engaging Networks is completely seamless.


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