There are several
  components to our pricing.

There are three components to our pricing. All fees vary based on the number of constituent data records, the amount of transactional data, and the number of use cases you plan to run. If you already use the Engaging Networks platform the overall cost will be lower because of the existing integration between the two services.

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Setup Fee

Our in-house teams need to classify the content of your marketing emails and landing pages. Ideally, we need the emails you have sent to supporters over the past 24 months.

We also need to have your constituent and transactional data imported into our infrastructure. Again, we need 2 years of transactional data for each constituent record. You do not need to provide data in a specified format because our mapping tools are able to assign data segments into designated fields in our tables.

There is also some work required to set up the APIs to regularly import data following the initial import.

The pricing will for this initial setup will vary according to the number of email messages and landing pages, the transaction data volume, and the number of constituent records.

If you are a user of the Engaging Networks platform, there is only a fee during setup for the content classification services, and the APIs used to connect data between Engaging Networks and Accessible Intelligence.

Clustering Fee

Once your data has been imported, and the content of your email and landing pages has been classified, we will cluster your supporters for the use case, or cases, you are running. Each use case runs against a different data model which means that your supporter data needs to be clustered for each use case. The cost of clustering for each use case will vary based on the total number of data records you import. The clustered records can be directly downloaded from your account dashboard.

Monthly Fee

Once your supporters have been clustered by our algorithms, different data models and algorithms are used to output the marketing stream for each supporter, for each use case.

We charge a monthly fee that varies according to the number of imported records. This fee covers all of the records imported at the beginning of the program, and the new records added on an ongoing basis.

The monthly fee includes:

  • classification of new email and landing page content
  • API access to import new constituent records and transactional data
  •  access to the marketing automation technology that delivers the emails
  • reporting on key metrics for each use case

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