Data is at the heart of Machine Learning. We analyze millions of anonymized non-profit supporter records in order to build our data models. To start working with us, we need to collect data about your supporters. This data will allow us to:

Cluster your supporters into groups based on similarities in their behaviour using our algorithms


Determine the best marketing stream that each supporter should receive based on their prior history of engagement

What data do we need?

The data we need ranges from simple constituent fields like first name and country, to more detailed transactional data (e.g. the amount and date of each donation over time, or each advocacy transaction like signing a petition)

While this transactional information can help identify patterns in behaviour and predict outcomes, we know that your marketing content is critical to building a truly effective Machine Learning model. What is motivating your supporters to support you?

Accessible Intelligence has an in-house team categorizing content based on proprietary taxonomies. We need to categorize the content in your emails and landing pages in order to connect this to the transactional information.

We provide access to tools that allow you to easily import data into our applications, and we also have APIs available to automate this import process on an on-going basis. This includes APIs to send us your marketing emails.

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